Who Is And Why Michelangelo Lopez?


Email marketing training with University of Internet Science
That's what he drills to his members. It works for offline businesses, department stores like Macy's and Dillards, and, yes, even Wal Mart. There's no doubt mastering the art of collecting emails will have you monetizing, too!

That said, Michelangelo Lopez is one of the most fun, entertaining, and 'no fluff' educating successful internet marketers in the industry today. While most 'gurus' don't truly teach you what you really need to know he holds nothing back and teaches you exactly what has kept him earning six figures the past 7 years.

In 2008 Michelangelo earned $88,000 dollars in 90 days solely off of free advertising available on popular classified sites. In fact, his 2 hour PURE CONTENT Webinars have been watched by over 20,000 online marketers.

Michelangelo's work life revolves around - University of Internet Science - the site that you are at right now! He does not teach formulaic marketing, especially when it comes to 'list building'.

No doubt about it, the man marches to his own beat. As a preacher's kid he treats his members as if they are part of his 'church'; nurturing, educating, and uplifting each member, shepherding them in the direction needed in order to succeed. His philosophy of actually 'bonding' with the real flesh and blood people that make up his list, brought him to the brink of nearly beating one of the top internet marketers online, Mike Filsaime, during a JV contest, placing 2nd in the end with just a few sales short of beating the well known online marketing Goliath.

Actionable duplication is the key to his approach.

His methods are absolutely that, but only for those willing to step out of their comfort zone, by putting in the time and effort to learn, then take action by implementing the newly acquired steps to create successful marketing campaigns.

The University of Internet Science is about one subject and that is making lots of money from home by getting good at collecting emails and monetizing the list created.

Michelangelo LopezSimply by registering as a member of UOIS and copying his methods, you will lead toward more success than you have ever experienced or believed possible. In fact, he encourages all members to become good at one thing...

Originally from Cuba - Michelangelo, 46, now lives in Tampa, Florida, with his wife, 2 kids and 2 dogs. Number 3 is on the way...

Dog that is.